Friday, November 12, 2010


I am not an artist....pls stop talking about me behind my back..if u feel u don't like me, just stand in front of me and tell me face to face..gossip here, gossip there...don't u guyz have work to do? or that is ur soulfood? talking bout people's life?

don't judge a book by its cover....coz u have to look at urself first...r u perfect enough to critic others? sometimes, i don't even understand why people keep searching other's mistake and other's life? Just keep looking for ur own life, or maybe ur own mother, or maybe ur own sister, or maybe ur own daughter or ur own grandmother....

if u feel like u don't satisfy with me, just come to me, and tell me need to spread story all over the world....what will u get by doing that? if u want the truth, or want me to change my attitude, or to change what i m doing wrong, come to me..don't just keep update ur status in facebook or yahoo messenger or whatever telecommunications, or sit at the cafe in a group and keep talking bout me.....hey! 'si pengecut'...come here, talk to me!!...

U know what u'll get for talking bad bout me? u'll get SIN.....and i, i will get the REWARD...

U are nobody....u are not a GOD...u got no right to judge people....i think i got nothing to do with u guyz, coz since i work here, i don't even care about ur business....ADE AKU KESAH?!...pls, mind ur own business!!


Sick of it!!


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