Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mistress of Spices - The Power to Help Others

(Movie Review)

This is a one-dimensional, sometimes illogical film, but it's certainly good-looking. The Bollywood star, beautiful Aishwarya Rai, is exquisitely beautiful. Dylan McDermott is scruffily sexy. And the photography often looks like an enticing food-magazine layout. 

Tilo (Aishwarya Rai), is talented. She has second sight and has been trained to use the power of spices to help others. Pledging her life to this work requires her never to use the spices for her own desires, never to touch the skin of another human being and, most inconvenient, never to leave her California shop.

First Mother (Zohra  Sehgal) specialised  in  training  ’gifted’  girls  like  Tilo  to be  the  mistress  of  spices. But being a  mistress  is  no easy  task,spices  are  to be their  only  friend  & they  must  abide  by  the  certain  3  rules  set  for  them,otherwise  the  spices  would punish them.

Tilo now  lives  in  San  Fracisco  & serves  the  people  there  with her  mastery over spices  & her kind  words. She’s  quite  controlled  &  lives  by the  rules  taught  to her by the  Mother. Unfortunately, she’s  only human.  One day she glimpses a handsome man, Doug (Mr. McDermott) and soon breaks all the rules.

At one  point  of  time,she  lets  go  of  herself, but then  the  spices  start  taking  revenge on her customers.Torn  by love & duty, Tilo  wants to  enjoy  a  normal  life,but she  also  wants  to be  with her friends, the  spices.

In retaliation, her merchandise begins causing disastrous effects for her customers. (The red chili peppers seem particularly annoyed.) One man has a taxi accident. Another man's girlfriend leaves him. It's all pretty flimsy, but it's good to know that saffron is for attracting love, cinnamon for making friends and sandalwood for banishing painful memories. 

U got to watch this movie to know the rest of the story...for me, i love it ;)


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