Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Women like to nag, it’s a problem as old as humankind. Already ancient Greeks knew this habit of women, Hera was annoying Zeus with doing it too much, Socrates’ wife Xanthippe has become the quintessential nagging woman.
Maybe only men sense it as nagging and women have good reason to be like that. They want to be forceful after saying something again and again without success. What they don’t realize is that there’s a reason for having no success. Men simply need to be told things in a different way.

Ever tried to explain to a woman something in a reasonable and logical way, only to have her reply: ‘Yes but for me it’s different.’? It’s a typical way for a woman to be irrational and drive a man crazy. She simply doesn’t want to understand, she wants to tell how she sees the world or herself. Men would do better to accept that and give up trying to explain or disagree.
Being over emotional is another side of this habit. Instead of staying calm and thinking a situation over women react over emotional, break out in tears, get hysterical or angry and start throwing things. Best to wait until the attack is over and her brain starts working more rational again.

Spending too much on shoes, handbags and clothes is not only a bad habit, it can be an addiction for some women. Like all addictions, it can become an expensive problem.
Even when it’s not that bad most men can’t understand why someone needs 40 pairs of shoes, 20 handbags or a new outfit every two weeks. Most men also don’t enjoy spending a lot of time before changing rooms waiting for a woman who can’t decide if this or that skirt looks better, especially if they were asked and told more than once which one they prefer.

It would be better for relationships if women would only spend as much as they can afford easily and take their best girlfriend for shopping tours.

Women often have troubles working in a team, especially with other women. It’s a kind of jealousy; they want to be the best, a queen, or even the only woman around. They can be that way with friends, as well. Wherever women meet there is potential for jealousy.
Best for men to stay out of it. If it’s their wife or girlfriend, they could try calming her down. As long a they never side with the other woman.Best for men to stay out of it or try to calm.

Women are more talkative than men. They talk longer and more often on the phone. They like to talk about a lot of things with their best girlfriend or with female family members. That’s a social skill and society needs it, but it becomes a bad habit easily when it’s all about gossip.
Women should settle for gossip about celebrities on TV or in magazines . Intimate details of their friends should be treated discreetly, their partners have a right to privacy.

source : BLINDLOOP
Of course not all women have these habits....Some have one of them, some have all, and some have none....Habits of women can’t be generalized, but there is a trend.....

Monday, November 29, 2010


Some sort of transformation...The changing of life...

it's look like MERMAID....female and male MERMAID....and the eye....what that means?

Friday, November 26, 2010


ART for me is something unique...but i m not born to be an artist...i can't draw, i can't paint...but, my eyes know how to appreciate art...i guess so...haha...

My fiance is an artist...he can draw, he can paint, he also know the history of art itself...he can describe the art which not everybody have that sense...but now, he still can't effort to have his own gallery...even his own studio...i am dreaming to provide him a small studio so that he can start his art in his own world, in privacy, and of course the studio must be next to my own bedroom...hahaha...

Last week my fiance brought me to his uncle's house at Alor Setar...there, i can see a few artwork...his uncle, Pak Teh is very talented artist, but i don't know why he don't want to show his art to the world...may be he can't afford to have his own gallery, plus, it's hard to find a sponsorship...Pak Teh is not a rich man...but, he has good understanding wife and 3 childrens...they have a good heart as well...i hope, one day, Pak Teh's artwork will be known worldwide...between, Pak Teh also is my fiance's art sifu ;) TABIK SPRINGGG TO PAK TEH'S ARTWORK ;)

Pak Teh's Artwork :

I dunno how to translate this artwork, but i think this is a surrealism art...and worst, i dunno how to look at it, whether the eye will be on top, or below, or left or right...i do ask Pak Teh what is it, but he said he want me to THINK, what is that about.....huhu...blurr....but, thanks to Pak Teh for this artwork...i will frame it sooner....

please, somebody, explain it to me...how do we describe this artwork? What is the meaning of this drawing...anybody sees anything?

Thursday, November 25, 2010


HITLER - A man many people consider the embodiment of evil, the leader of Nazi Germany, started World War II, and instigated the Holocaust....

Adolf Hitler as an infant

turn to

Adolf Hitler as one of the most evil people in history

the Hitler's belief , perhaps, there is some truth..find some @  MINDA TAJDID


ART is a symbolic elements in a way that influences and affects one or more of the sense, emotions, and intellect. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, photography, sculpture and paintings.  Traditionally, the term ART was usd to refer to any skill or mastery.  This conception changed during the Romantic period, when art came to be seen as "A Special Faculty of the Human Mind to be Classified with Religion and Science".  Generally, art is made with the intention of stimulating thought and emotions.

I love art....but i don't have any talent in art....i just appreciate it....and i still can't get what is in artist's mind...they are weird...includes my fiance...but, what i can understand, they have their own style, their own world, their own description...maybe I am one of the beautiful art elements in my fiance's eyes...haha...and knowing arts, makes me happy ;)

Just wanna share with u out there, some of the art style that i think very unique and symbolic...

OTHELLO - Romanticism
EGON SCHIELE - Expressionism
ANDRE MASSON - Surrealism

There's one drawing that my fiance's uncle gave to me last week while visiting him...i'll share with you guyz later...on the next update ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


~ Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul ~
Soul mates are matches made in heaven - According to Yale Chaplain Rabbi James Ponet, traditional (Judeo-Christian) ideas about soul mates are summed up in this 2nd Century story:

A wealthy Roman matron says to a rabbinic sage, “Since your Creator God made the universe in seven days, what’s he been doing since?” The Sage replied, “He’s been making couples.” The Roman woman says, “I can do that!” She proceeds to command one hundred slaves to be coupled off and sends them to a great dwelling. After one night, the place is in shambles; the couples have fought and degenerated into chaos. In defeat and shame, she goes back to the Sage and says, “Oh, that’s no minor thing that your God does.”

And that’s why it is common to believe that marriages are made in heaven. In Hebrew the word is B’shert — roughly translated as “beloved” or “The One.” This is where the basic idea of soul mates originates. 

Soul mates are not a one-shot deal - Don’t panic. You didn’t miss meeting your soul mate when you skipped going to that party last weekend. Soul mates find you if you’re open to them. Besides, you don’t have one great love — you have many potential great loves. According to New York Minister and Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, Susan Lemak, soul mates are profound soul connections in your life. When you’re with one, you stop looking, so you’re not aware of the other potential soul mates around you. While you’re thinking how hard it is to find The One, the reality is that it’s hard for you to choose. A soul mate is someone who reflects or matches your energy and your path in life. A soul mate is someone whose power and potential are complementary to your own. And you’ll find them in the most unlikely places. Lemak adds, “You know that great person sitting near you at work? The one who makes you laugh, but might be 10 pounds overweight? Maybe not the coolest person — but dig a little deeper. You could find a soul mate in there.”

Soul mates are about work, not play - The word “soul” opens a gigantic can of karma. While dating and light relationships are all about fun and playfulness, soul mates are all about deep emotional support, trust and faith. When you choose to go deeper with someone, you’re opening yourself up — you become emotionally vulnerable. Susan Strong, San Mateo-based astrologer and metaphysical counselor jokes, “Sometimes our soul mates become our cross to bear. You marry someone who is your soul mate and, over time, you realize you’re connected not just through chemistry, but because you are there to help each other.”

Most guys don’t think about soul mates, no matter what The Bachelor says - Strong also considers the very concept of soul mates a more feminine event. “Men don’t look for soul mates nor do they really think about meeting their soul mate. Sure, a man can be in a happy, committed, connected relationship, but he won’t necessarily tell his friends that he’s with his soul mate.” Women are more aware of a soul connection because they are more introspective in that way. Women need to feel a deeper connection with a man. That soul connection is there — but men just don’t define it.

Soul mates are not necessarily permanent - Like the ending of a fairy tale, we’re often raised to believe that a soul mate is our “happily ever after.” How old were you when realized that fairy tales don’t come true? Soul mates are certainly considered the prince charming and his princess of modern romance. Yet what happens if your romance goes sour — that soul mate turns out to be a mismatch? Of course you’re not out of luck. You move on, heal, and open up to the next soul mate. If you look at the traditional idea of soul mates, your beloved, you’ll realize that a higher force may have more than one love in store for you. To love someone and be loved is a deeply spiritual state.

[source : www.yahoo.com @ Dating tips & Advice]

Monday, November 15, 2010


I watched the MasterChef @ SWR channel last weekend..this is my second favourite reality  tv cooking show after Iron Chef...i love the style of all participants in this show...they really have good reputation, good attitude and high spririt of cooking...they're creative and happy with what they doing..

My favourite chef-to-be is Jake-the big Swan, so far ...i really got a high hope on him to be the first best amateur MasterChef..good luck then...

I am happy while watching this kind or tv show instead of national geographic channel...coz i love to eat...i really love to try new dish and sometimes i love to cook...i m not good in cooking, but when i've time and when i'm in a good mood, the dishes will be great...for me...hehe...

After watching the MasterChef, i went to the shop and bought the meehoon and start cooking..haha...my menu yesterday is a Daria Fried Meehoon with Egg...with less ingredients, simple one..wanna try? ;)

tell u what,i always cook the dishes with different recipes every time...so the fried meehoon is the example of it...yesterday, i cooked it with my own recipes..campak2....i am the MasterChef in my own kitchen ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010


I am not an artist....pls stop talking about me behind my back..if u feel u don't like me, just stand in front of me and tell me face to face..gossip here, gossip there...don't u guyz have work to do? or that is ur soulfood? talking bout people's life?

don't judge a book by its cover....coz u have to look at urself first...r u perfect enough to critic others? sometimes, i don't even understand why people keep searching other's mistake and other's life? Just keep looking for ur own life, or maybe ur own mother, or maybe ur own sister, or maybe ur own daughter or ur own grandmother....

if u feel like u don't satisfy with me, just come to me, and tell me directly....no need to spread story all over the world....what will u get by doing that? if u want the truth, or want me to change my attitude, or to change what i m doing wrong, come to me..don't just keep update ur status in facebook or yahoo messenger or whatever telecommunications, or sit at the cafe in a group and keep talking bout me.....hey! 'si pengecut'...come here, talk to me!!...

U know what u'll get for talking bad bout me? u'll get SIN.....and i, i will get the REWARD...

U are nobody....u are not a GOD...u got no right to judge people....i think i got nothing to do with u guyz, coz since i work here, i don't even care about ur business....ADE AKU KESAH?!...pls, mind ur own business!!


Sick of it!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mistress of Spices - The Power to Help Others

(Movie Review)

This is a one-dimensional, sometimes illogical film, but it's certainly good-looking. The Bollywood star, beautiful Aishwarya Rai, is exquisitely beautiful. Dylan McDermott is scruffily sexy. And the photography often looks like an enticing food-magazine layout. 

Tilo (Aishwarya Rai), is talented. She has second sight and has been trained to use the power of spices to help others. Pledging her life to this work requires her never to use the spices for her own desires, never to touch the skin of another human being and, most inconvenient, never to leave her California shop.

First Mother (Zohra  Sehgal) specialised  in  training  ’gifted’  girls  like  Tilo  to be  the  mistress  of  spices. But being a  mistress  is  no easy  task,spices  are  to be their  only  friend  & they  must  abide  by  the  certain  3  rules  set  for  them,otherwise  the  spices  would punish them.

Tilo now  lives  in  San  Fracisco  & serves  the  people  there  with her  mastery over spices  & her kind  words. She’s  quite  controlled  &  lives  by the  rules  taught  to her by the  Mother. Unfortunately, she’s  only human.  One day she glimpses a handsome man, Doug (Mr. McDermott) and soon breaks all the rules.

At one  point  of  time,she  lets  go  of  herself, but then  the  spices  start  taking  revenge on her customers.Torn  by love & duty, Tilo  wants to  enjoy  a  normal  life,but she  also  wants  to be  with her friends, the  spices.

In retaliation, her merchandise begins causing disastrous effects for her customers. (The red chili peppers seem particularly annoyed.) One man has a taxi accident. Another man's girlfriend leaves him. It's all pretty flimsy, but it's good to know that saffron is for attracting love, cinnamon for making friends and sandalwood for banishing painful memories. 

U got to watch this movie to know the rest of the story...for me, i love it ;)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Born to Move - Great Migrations

It's really amazing when i watch this documentary...makes me shock and wondering how beautiful the creatures are...their natural living and growing....their populations and migrations....from they being born until they died in a different way....but still...they are also the great creatures in the world....

I was waiting for a week to watch the Great Migrations in NGEO channel...it's started at 9.03pm yesterday...for one hour...next week will be the different story or these Great Migrations...

What really impressed me was the Red Crab migrations....they were about 50 million of them crossing the forest and road to survive and searching for food, water and to produce a new life...They came from a Christmas Island, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean...Their no.1 predators are the Yellow Crazy Ants...pity crab when million of crazy ants stuck their journey in the middle of the forest...many of them died but still, many of them survived....

There are many other great migrations that we can watch in this channel...yesterday, some of them are Monarch the Butterfly, Wildebeest and the Humpback Whale...really interesting documentary...u should watch it and feel the journey....

Can't wait, what are the next Great Migrations will show to us in the next episode.......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still far

3 things done...yey!

more to go...

daria, focus...

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